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The images displayed here on my sites first page are designed to show my passion for photography over a number of subject areas.


In addition to my own usage of this site to display and I hope advertise and sell my work, I am also using this site in conjunction with a project started  during my (MA) in Photography with the University of Falmouth. In this project my goal is to locate and photograph the sites of former WWII PoW Camps in England, Scotland and Wales. These images are "Working Copies" and some of them in searching for the sites are taken in the wrong location. Images under the Repatriated Landscape are verified as at or close to the actual site.


It is my hope that you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Landscape and Aerospace Photographer based in Leicester.

Royal Air Force Veteran, and Former Student of DeMontfort and Falmouth Universities.

Currently thinking about a PhD and Royal Photographic Society Fellowship

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