PoW Camp 632, 653 Old Windmills Camp, Blackthorn, BicesterPoW Camp 632, 653 Old Windmills Camp, Blackthorn, BicesterFormer site of PoW Camps 632 & 653 Old Windmills Camp. This site is now divided between a L C Hughes Scrap yard and Bicester Caravan & Leisure Caravan Sales site, plus the Bicester Beam Coffee Shop and Café.
There are substantial remains on this site with Nissen Huts and a Statue & Fountain made by the PoWs on the Scrap Yard part of the site. The Caravan Sales site main buildings are made up of former PoW Huts as is the Café. Although in the case of the huts the original asbestos-based walls have been replaced and the café has been re-roofed.
In addition there are a number of huts just outside the main site that may be either part of the “Second Camp”, or alternatively used by the camp guards.